Our Northwest Friends

Seattle Scrabble Club #253

Spokane, WA Scrabble Club #589 (link seems to be dead as of 2.25.2013))

Tacoma, WA Scrabble Club #679 (link seems to be dead as of 2.25.2013)


Canada Logo  Scrabble in Canada

Vancouver B.C. Scrabble Club #545

Calgary Alb. Scrabble Club #374

Victoria, B.C. Scrabble Club #402


Other Helpful Club Websites


Asheville Club Logo  Asheville Scrabble Club – A super source of word lists and
totally awesome mnemonic memory devices* in the form of Power Point slide shows!


 * Spock builds a “mnemonic memory device” in the Star Trek episode

The City on the Edge of Forever”.    Spock and Kirk


Word Power

The Last Word – Tournament Newsletter


More Words: http://www.morewords.com/ Find dictionary words for crossword puzzles, code words and word games like Scrabble®, Upwords® and Jamble.

Study Lists, including alphagrams and polyorths: http://utahscrabble.com/wordlists.shtml ~
     Thanks to Mike Thelen, Mike Baron, and
Amit Chakrabarti

Scrabble Games, Boards, Clocks, and Products:


Hasbro, Inc.,: Hasbro Scrabble Page


CUSTOM SCRABBLE® BOARDS: http://www.freewebs.com/customscrabbleboards/


Clocks, Pro-Tiles, Books and Accessories:

Sam Timer  SamTimer: http://www.samtimer.com/

 Adjudicator Adjudicator – Deluxe Game Accessories: http://www.adjudicator3000.com/

ProTiles Protiles: http://www.protiles.net/

Brow-Raisers - A User Friendly Guide to Building a Winning Word Game Vocabulary: http://www.browraisers.com/author.html

Bob's Bible Bob's Bible -- Words, Anagrams and Hooks: http://wordbooks.homestead.com/

New and Used Books and DVDs: http://www.amazon.com

New and Used games and equipment: http://www.ebay.com



Scrabble Strategy Information and Tools:


John Chew’s Home Page and Scrabble Links

Koala's Coaching Clinic: Scrabble Strategy (John Holgate).  http://www.scrabble.org.au/strategy/strategy.htm

Steven Alexander’s Word Lists for Competitive Scrabble: http://home.teleport.com/~stevena/scrabble/wordlists.html

 Download Quackle: Great tool for simulating positions. Note—is not skilled at end game analysis.


 Zyzzyva: (Great tool for Word Study) with Word Judge: http://zyzzyva.net/

  Download this anagramming program from Mike Wolfberg’s Scrabble Page  Also, great scrabble links and information!


Play Scrabble Online!

Internet Scrabble Club: http://www.isc.ro/

Other Word Games:


Scrabble Statistics, Tournaments, Clubs, et.al.




WGPO logo



English-Language ScrabblePlayer’s Association

World Game Player’s


cross-tables.com - just the stats, man!

Other Scrabble Links


Scrabble Links: http://www.scrabblelinks.com/.  Links to many on-line resources and tools.



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